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I am a user advocate, big thinker, & puzzle solver 

Esteem App


A mobile app designed to connect parents to each other in authentic and genuine ways, with an emphasis on open mindedness and tolerance.



A mobile app onboarding experience focused on acquiring a wealth of data while ensuring efficiency, privacy, and motivation by users.

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A 5-day design sprint focused on bringing the joy back into cooking through a stress-free mobile app. 

About Me

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Emily Paul is a Product Designer who partners with companies and organizations to create deceivingly simple and engaging digital products. 


Emily believes outstanding UX design is the metric that determines the longevity of an idea. She is dedicated to using a research-driven, human-centered approach to navigate the delicate balance between business and user needs. 


After spending over 14 years in the counseling industry, Emily has an exceptional ability to both uncover human needs and identify effective solutions. 


In addition to earning a UX Design certificate from Springboard, Emily also holds a masters degree in Educational Leadership: School Counseling from Bloomsburg University. 


Outside of UX Design, Emily enjoys camping and hiking, reading philosophy, seeing live music, and finding creative ways to encourage her daughter’s curious mind.




Emily's history of thriving in crisis came into play at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Longing for a new way to capitalize upon her understanding of the human mind, she pivoted toward UX Design in April and hasn't looked back since. 


PA School Districts

Professional School Counselor/Blended Counselor

Emily used her dedication for supporting children's mental health within several public school districts in Pennsylvania; fine-tuning her ability to create out-of-the-box solutions.


Mental Health Agencies

Mental Health Clinician

Emily spent many years working within various mental health agencies and organizations. From wilderness therapy to ecosystemic family therapy, she deepened her understanding of the complexity of the human mind. 


Outdoor Science School

Environmental Educator

Emily attended Green Mountain College in Vermont with a major in Environmental Studies. After graduation, she concluded that they best way to create environmental stewardship was through educating young minds.


Dream Study

Curious Adolescent

At the age of 12, Emily's lifelong dedication to understanding the human mind began. She completed a rigorous independent project through her gifted education program focused entirely on exploring dreams. 



I would love to talk with you about how I can help grow your business and meet user needs. Please don't hesitate to contact me. ​
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